Donate to Our Mission

How to Donate

Here are ways to give a financial gift contribution in  support of the four (4) charities.

From now through 5th December 2020 finale draw:

Donate via Paypal and earn e-Raffle lottery entries for every  EUR financial gift.


Donate via scanning this QR code (same as above, Paypal).  You earn e-Raffle lottery entries too







You may also pledge a financial gift  (keeping anonymity of donation, or name with a winning number if so, and pay directly to either:

  • Fr. Steve Petroff

  • a Paulist St. Nicholas Serata Organizing Committee (SOC) member,

  • a Paulist Parish Council Member or an Associate.

You will also earn e-Raffle lottery entries, no problem. Simply Fill this form to enter the name of the person to whom your gift will be coursed, and financial gift amount to assign e-Raffle numbers.
* Receipt of gift payments as pledged will be verified. ​

Your sponsorship of more e-Raffle items adds to the giving spirit, as well as the fun!  Welcome are these types of items in the context of COVID:


  • An iPhone 12-mini (subject to collection in Rome if lottery winner is based abroad)

  • Two-night stay at an Agriturismo or Hotel that is  operational now, expected to remain so.

  • A lunch table valid for the Rooftop Grand Hotel Le Minerve.

Please contact:​
Fr. Steve Petroff:
Natalie Humphreys:
Camilla Finocchi:

By donating an important prize for a Live Auction on the Grand Finale 2020 St. Nicholas (optional)