Who benefits

This year's funds will go to:

Fondazione Arché

Fondazione Arché's core focus is to help victims of domestic violence. They meet women in the hospitals where they seek medical treatment and protection from their violent husbands. Arché helps to move them
to safe houses with their children. Many are immigrants who have been here for a few years. Some of their husbands are in prison. They and their children are given food, shelter, education and job opportunities – the goal is to help them live autonomously and to raise their children without fear. It is an amazing operation led by Padre Giuseppe Bettoni, the President of the Foundation. The well trained staff and volunteers who work with Arché in both Rome and Milan are very dedicated.

Via Monte Pramaggiore 8, 00141 Roma -

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Fondazione Internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro
One of the Foundation’s main programs involves community outreach to mental health patients who are at different levels of recovery. The state sends these individuals to the Fondazione Di Liegro to help them socialize and create relationships with a sense of belonging as part of a group.
Each day a different therapy is offered: music, theater art, sewing, photography, cooking. They sing, paint, play instruments,make clothes, put on plays, create meals and explore Rome taking photographs. When they first come to these sessions, many of these men & women (aged 25-75) are very shy and distant. By the end of the program they talk with one another, with the volunteers and hug each other goodbye. This program, which your donations support, affects up to 500 individuals with 2000 volunteers. There is also a Coffee Club for people with Alzheimer’s on Wednesday afternoons. The staff and volunteers also give
workshops on mental health in schools and they offer a Peer Education program in middle schools for students to help one another.

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Thank you letters from the beneficiaries of our past donations
Casa di S. Giuseppe e S. Teresa
Casa Famiglia Villa del Pino
Centro Rifugiato Joel Nafuma
Fondazione Di Liegro