The Serata is like the Oscars:  you think you know what to expect, but then there’s always something amazingly surprising!  It could be a back and forth battle over a special item at the Live Auction!  It could be the winner of the Raffle Prizes!  Last year it was Fr. Steve singing 'O Holy Night'.  Or it may just be sitting at a table with a fantastic group of people or meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for years!  You just never know!”



The St. Nicholas Serata is socko, boffo great fun! I never miss it.”



It’s a great place to find incredible bargains for Christmas gifts, and it all goes to charity!”

Mary Louise


What is extraordinary to me about the St. Nicholas Serata is that Santa Susanna, despite its needs, doesn’t keep any of the proceeds, but gives them all away to specific Roman charities!  It shows this community’s commitment to taking care of those in need!”



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Christmas isn’t the same unless I go to the Serata!  It is my favorite party of the Christmas season!!”



It’s the dancing!!  Last year I danced for two hours straight and then drank two liters of bottled water!  It was so much fun!  I could have danced all night!!”




One year the Serata was sold out when my husband and I decided to buy tickets! I was heartbroken. Since then I buy my tickets the first day they go on sale.”



I have the most fun and meet the best people while decorating on the Saturday morning of the Serata!  Despite Fr. Greg gently pushing us to get everything done, we have a wonderful time working together especially knowing that it is for a good cause.”



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